Language society wants to mark Sapega’s anniversary together with Lukashenka

The council of the Belarusian Language Society has approved a plan of activities for 2007, which lists among others the events associated with the celebrations of the memorable dates.

The council has approved the text of a letter to Aliaksandr Lukashenka, proposing to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Leu Sapega, the chancellor and the author of the famous Statutes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The group has also called on the citizens of Belarus to use the Belarusian language on a daily basis. According to the society deputy chair Ljudmila Dzicevic, “all those, including the government officials, who use at least one Belarusian word in their daily relations” should be encouraged and supported.

The Belarusian Language Society unites over 5000 people and has a network of 110 regional branches. Half of them are officially registered.