Kupala Night celebration victims delivered to Minsk burn centre

Artist Ales Pushkin was making krupnik (alcoholic beverage) on fire near his summer cottage. He poured some spirits in the vat and the velour suddenly caught fire. The fire spread to several people.

Two young men got superficial burns and were discharged from hospital soon afterwards. The rest were taken to the intensive care unit of Krupki District Hospital. A 14-year-old girl got second-degree burns on her face, chest, spine and legs. Her mother got burns on 15% of her body – face and head. Another girl got burns on 25% of her body.

Ales Pushkin told Euroradio:

"I am in hospital now. Volha and her 14-year-old daughter Hanna will be sent to Minsk together with Palina, 22… I will see them off and then go to the investigator. She is waiting for me in Krupki District Department of the Interior.”

The Investigation Committee is interrogating the other witnesses who celebrated Kupala Night in Bobr.