KRAMA presents new CD, gives out autographs


The legendary Belarusian band KRAMA on August 31 presents a long-awaited new album “The Life is a Wonderful Dream”. The launch takes place at the Mystery of Sound music store.

Band’s fans are invited at 1800 to the Mystery of Sound where they will get autographs on the new CD from KRAMA’s frontman Igar Varashkevich and guitarist Siarzuk Trukhanovich.

Belarusian music lovers could listen to just some of the new songs from this album at rare KRAMA’s concerts. The musicians had to stage a full-fledged launch during a rock festival in Poland, because authorities in Belarus would routinely ban their concerts in Minsk clubs. The pilot edition of the album was also sold in Poland.

The European Radio for Belarus has called band’s leader Igar Varashkevich to ask a couple of questions.

ERB: We are used to the fact that venues of concerts by Belarusian-language bands are changed at the very last moment. Hopefully, nothing of the kind has happened with your tonight’s autograph session.

No. The session will take place at 1800 at the Mystery of Sound music store where we will  present our new album “Life is a Wonderful Dream”.

ERB: Who produced your CDs and how many copies?

The CD was produced by the Homel-based company Go-Records. So far, there are just 1000 copies. I cannot answer where they will be sold. Definitely, some copies will be available tonight during the presentation.