“Krama” is not given license for concert

Officials from the Ministry of Culture have refused to give license for the concert where the presentation of a new album of the group “Krama” should have occurred. According to the leader of the group Ihar Varashkevich, the musicians have practically finished their work in the studio and were planning to present their new album at the beginning of May.

But it is impossible to rent a hall or carry out an advertising campaign even if the concert is held in a club where there is no need for such a license without the authorities’ permission.

Moreover, even such “unlicensed” concerts can be cancelled at the last moment by firemen or someone else.

It would be very unpleasant, taking into account the fact that the leader of a Russian group “Liga Bluza” Arutiunov is going to come to the presentation of the new album of “Krama”. The Ministry of Culture did not give the musicians any explanations or any hope that the decision could be changed.

In the photo: Ihar Varashkevich performing at “The Great Jeans Festival” (www.studenty.by)