Klichko to Yanukovich: TV debates? Only after your resignation


Victar Yanukovich suggested conducting debates on one of the national TV channels to Vitali Klichko on Tuesday. Klichko invited Yanukovich to debates in Maidan Nezalezhnosti on February 9 (see the video).

Vitali Klichko will agree to the TV debates only if an early presidential election is appointed, he said yesterday.

"He [Victar Yanukovich] should make a brave step,” UNIAN quotes Vitali Klichko. “He needs to bear responsibility for the political and economic crisis caused by the Ukrainian government and resign. I will be ready to debate with Yanukovich during the election campaign at any time.”

The Ukrainian government refused to sign an association agreement with the European Union in November 2013. Protest actions have been held in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities since then. Protesters demanded to sign the agreement with the EU at first. Then they demanded that the Cabinet should resign and people responsible for the brutal dispersal of Maidan on November 30 should be punished. Mykola Azarov’s government resigned. However, protesters want the other demands (an early election and release of all political prisoners) to be fulfilled now.

Photo: ria.ru