Kamyanitsa festival attracts over 8 thousand people (photo)


“Everything is great!” coordinator Syarhei Chahrynets did not hide his emotions at the end of the festival.  “I do not even know whether it’s good or bad. We are really satisfied with the results at the moment.  About 8 thousand people bought the tickets. We have beaten all our records. I am very pleased to see that the festival is alive and that I am part of this wonderful initiative!”

16 bands performed at the jubilee festival – Stary Olsa, DahaVraha, Folkneri, Palats, Hvarna and others. Kamyanista was organized in the National Architecture Museum in Azyarets on September 6 and 7. All the money made will be presented to the museum.

A detailed report will be coming soon.

Master of Ceremony Aleh Hamenka

Guda is singing and dancing

Round dance to Stary Olsa's tunes


Orkiestra Sw. Mikolaja