Judoist Makarau faints and Nestsyarenka misses championships


ERB has decided to find out whether Athens Olympic champions Nestsyarenka and Makarau will take part in the Olympic Games in Peking. It turned out that the chances of both were rather low. The only post-Athens victory of Makarau took place at the beginning of February when he won silver during the European championship in Warsaw.  But the medal is not enough to get a license. Moreover, Ihar changed his weight category for the next one. The sportsman’s coach Uladzimir Asin says that Ihar needs injections of pain-killers to continue performing.

Uladzіmіr Asіn: You know, there is always hope. We will fight till the end and we will compete for the Olympics. He performed okay in Vienna and it would be great to perform better in France. But he got a serious injury in Germany. You are asking me questions and I have just returned from a conference of specialist doctors. We are trying to decide whether to use injections of pain-killers and perform in Prague. I cannot answer you because only God knows it.

The coach did not like the sportsman’s decision to change his weight category but he confessed that the reasons for it were grounded.

Uladzіmіr Asіn: The change was useful for him but at the same time he had to fight till the end when he decided to compete in the 100kg category. But his blood thickened and he started having problems with his blood pressure. He even faints during training sessions. Do you understand it?

It will be clear whether Ihar will go to the Olympics in April. Makarau may get a license for the Olympics if his health allows him to take part in competitions during the next two months.

Yulya Nestsyarenka has similar problems: she hardly participated in international competitions after the Olympic Games. It is impossible to get an Olympic license participating in domestic competitions. However, neither Yulya Nestsyarenka nor her coach commented on the difficult situation for ERB.

The chief manager of the national Belarus athletics team Anatol Baduyeu could not give any clear answer to ERB either: he did not name any coming competition Yulya was going to take part in. The only thing that is clear is that Nestsayrenka will not compete in spring. So the only thing that is left is two summer months before the Olympics in Peking. We asked Anatol Baduyeu how the runner was going to get her Peking license and he answered the following:

Anatol Badueu: Taking into account the fact that our 4/100 relay race has already got its license, she will be able to take part in the Olympics if she becomes part of the team. Is it enough for you?
ERB: Relay race is another thing. Is she going to get a license for 100 meters?
Anatol Badueu: Of course it is necessary to get it. Summer is still ahead and there will be many competitions.

Interestingly, but Yuliya’s coach Dzmitry Nestsyarenka told ERB that the Olympic champion would get her license … in spring:

Dzmіtry Nestsyarenka: “She will have enough time to get her license. All competitions will take place in winter and in spring”.

But Yulya missed the European championship in winter and is going to miss the world indoor championship…

By the way, Belarus national women’s team got a license in the 4/100 relay race without Yulya. So, some girl will have to let her take her place in Peking.