Iosub: devaluation of Russian ruble will not cause decrease in supplies


Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange held regular trading session on October 30. The Russian ruble continued to fall and reached its annual minimum. From October 31, 1 Russian ruble will cost 247 Belarusian rubles. It is 39 rubles less than at the beginning of the year. 

As Vadzim Iosub, financial analyst of the official partner Alpari in Minsk, noted in an interview with Euroradio, it is generally considered that the decline of any currency (in this case, the Russian ruble) makes exports to this country less competitive. In particular, it can be true about the Belarusian goods and their export to Russia. 

Iosub: "To understand the real impact, it is necessary to know the currencies of the contracts. Judging by the fact that a few weeks ago Prime Minister said that because of the fall of the Russian ruble,  Belarusian suppliers in Russia lost revenue, we can conclude that in many contracts prices are in the Russian currency. In this case the Belarusian products are not less attractive, their delivery is not reduced. But the flip side is that the dollar equivalent of the revenue received in Russian rubles declines."

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