Ideal Belarusian bodyguard should have a moustache?


Who has a quiter sleep: Alexander Lukashenka or Victor Yushchenko? That will be decided in the Ukrainian resort city of Yalta which is hosting the Bodyguard-2009 international tournament. Ukraine and Belarus are considered favorites of the competition. Out of 24 teams, Vitali Zakrevsky, a spokesman for Ukraine's state security agency, is singling out the northern neighbors. The specialist is confident that bodyguards from Belarus president's security service have real chances to win the competition:

Vitali Zakrevsky: “Belarusians have always been our arch-rivals. Lukashenka supports state bodyguards very much. The Belarusian security is very strong. Belarusians were the best in accopmanying a VIP-person. They were the best and the most beautiful. If they win a shooting competition, they will share the first position with the Ukrainian team. The last stage will be the most difficult and the most important. If they prove to be the best in detecting explosives, I am sure they will finish first”.

Apart from Belarusians and Ukrainians, security services from Russia, Moldova, Georgia and Bulgaria take part in the competition. Besides, there are two women's teams -- from Kiev and team from CIS.