Human rights prizes awarded in Minsk

Tatsyana Leanovich-Klimava, the wife of political prisoner Andrei Klimau, today received the first human rights award in Minsk.  Former Belarus' foreing economic relations minister Mikhail Marynich awarded the prize.

noted that there are political prisoners in this country.

“However, the authorities refuse to admit it. Our goal is to find a consensus with the authorities in this issue so that there would  be no political prisoners and they could return home safe and sound”.

Ivona Matsukevich, one of those who keep praying every day near the building of St. Joseph Cathedral in Minsk for the return of the church to Catholics, received the second award.

Pahonia group of artists from the Belarusian Union of Artists was awarded with the third prize for their role in fighting for the right to freedom of art.

The prize was founded in 1998 by the people who organized the Charter'97 human rights group. This award is announced annually to those who contribute greatly to the cause of human rights in Belarus, reports Charter'97.