How to find a surrogate mother in Belarus


The European Radio for Belarus explores the requirements a would-be surrogate mother has to meet. Firstly, genetic parents ask about the woman’s age, education and family status and than start a bargaining process.

A law firm in Maladzechna offers an “interesting” service of getting a surrogate mother. Young women are proposed to give birth to a baby for money paid by another couple. The bill can range from $10,000 to $20,000, depending on how you value yourselves. A monthly allowance of $300 has to be paid additionally for fruits, vegetables and vitamins. Aksana, the firm director, says this service is very profitable.

“This is the best way to make money at almost no cost”, she says.

In order to become a surrogate mother, women face a very rigid selection. She must be less than 35 years old, have a university education and preferably be single. Under Article 53 in the Code of Marriage and Family, the husband of a surrogate mother is requited to give a written consent, and what if he objects. Physical appearance between the future parents and a surrogate mother is not a must. After the firm picks the right woman, it arranges a meeting with the couple.

Aksana: “You sit down together with the parents. There is no guarantee that you will be definitely picked, because selection is very tough. After all, people pay big money”.

During an interview with parents, mostly men are the ones to ask questions. They can ask about hobbies and a favorite flick. Their wives are normally interested in health status. Even after the contract is signed, a candidate will have to undergo a comprehensive medical checkup.

If the medicals are okay, a surrogate mother signs a statement, pledging to give away the baby right after the maternity ward and not to have any claims for this child in the future.

Aksana says his firm has never had any problems. Not only have the Belarusian couples sought a surrogate mother. There are also clients from Russia and the United States who are ready to pay not more than $15K. They come here because the similar service in a neighboring country costs as twice as much. By the way, the money can be withdrawn from a bank account only after the baby is born. The law firm also takes care about arrangements and paperwork necessary for the exit of the baby abroad. But if the health condition of the pregnant woman deteriorates, no money compensation is envisaged.

The Ministry of Health has refused to comment on this matter to our radio. The Belarusian government legalized surrogate maternity just eight months ago. This matter is regulated by Article 53 in the Code of Marriage and Family of Belarus.