Hooligans beat policeman in Mahilyou


The made 9 warning and 3 aimed shots.

 The incident occurred on Saturday night, November 2. Two policemen from Mahilyou Lenin District Department of the Interior (aged 26 and 29) were patrolling the territory of a garage and building cooperative when they noticed people fighting there.

The policemen approached the crowd, introduced themselves and demanded to stop fighting. However, the people started threatening them. Two men attacked one of the policemen and beat him with a stick.

The policemen had to shoot in the air at first and then they made a few aimed shots. The riot police arrived soon afterwards and detained the hooligans.

"The beaten policeman was taken to hospital with a cerebral injury and two local inhabitants received gunshot wounds. Both hooligans (born in 1985 and 1986) were drunk. Their lives are not in danger now. Their wards are being guarded at the moment,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

A criminal case for “violence against the police” has been started.