Holland presents two versions of Malaysian Boeing crash near Donetsk


The head of the investigating group, Dutch prosecutor Fred Westerbeke, has described the investigation results to the German edition Spiegel Online.

The passenger plane was brought down near Donetsk on July 17, 2014. There were 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board. Nobody survived. The investigators have refused from the versions of a terrorist act or breakdown. The other two versions have remained.

The investigators have studied the metallic fragments found in victims’ bodies and in passenger seats. “It could be Buk missile shrapnel and parts of the plane itself. We are still analyzing everything, there are no final results at the moment,” RBK quotes him.

Witnesses who visited the crash site after the catastrophe gave evidence to the investigating group, Westerbeke said. “We have found a lot of information on the Internet. We also have recordings of phone conversations presented by Ukrainian special services,” he added. However, it is impossible to prove any of the versions at the moment, the prosecutor noted.

Photo: Reuters