Hockey: Will Belarus invite unemployed Hanlon to replace Fraser as head coach?


Glen Hanlon, the former coach of Belarus's national ice hockey team, has been sacked from the post of the head coach after his Washington Capitals was crushed 1:5 by Atlanta. This is his first resignation in his NHL career.
The European Radio for Belarus called the Belarus Ice Hockey Federation to find out if Belarus was to call Hanlon again to lead our national squad. Sviataslau Kisyalyou, the general manager of national teams at the Belarus Ice Hockey Federation, said that Hanlon was our team's consultant through 2010. It is up to current coach Curt Fraser whether Hanlon could become one of the coaches. "Fraser will talk to Hanlon. They know each other very well and will possibly discuss this matter. We don't want to interfere with the work of the head coach," Kisyalyou said.