Photo: facebook.com/alfabankby

A man brought 8436 1-kopek coins to a Minsk bank seeking to top up his account.

Photo: screenshot from video

You can look at a maze shaped like the map of Belarus in a corn field in Dzyarzhynsk District.

The mountain is in the Alps, at the border between Switzerland and Italy.

Belarusian, Ukrainian, Czech, American and French masters perfume in Ratamka last weekend.

A city beekeeping project will be realised in Belarus for the first time.

Skiers and snowboarders wrapped up the winter season by jumping into a pool at the Alpine skiing complex near Minsk on Sunday.

Minsker Anton Shalkovich spent three weeks shooting the aerial views of Belarus capital with GoPro HERO 3 video camera and DJI Phantom quadcopter.

Over 100 people came to Horky Park on October 31 in Minsk, wearing special outfits.