Historian: Victims of both regimes should be commemorated in Trastsyanets


Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that a memorial will be built at the site of the former death campTrastsyanets outside Minsk. Interestingly, the government has already rejected 14 design proposals.

Prominent historian Ihar Kuznyatsou says that the memorial should commemorate victims of both fascism and communism. But not a single design plan brought up mass executions carried out before the Nazi invasion.


"About four years ago, the government announced a competition for the best design. Prominent Belarusian architects took part in it, including Levin, and German designers. But no one knew anything about the concept of the memorial. Later, it turned out that the government would not like the memorial to reflect the theme of pre-war executions by secret police in Trastsyanets. The architects were offered to build a memorial to victims of the Nazis only," Kuznyatsou told Euroradio.

However, the historian doubts that all the proposals were rejected because they did not take into account victims of the communist regime.