Head of Customs Committee: $100 exit fee is world pratice


Euroradio has asked whether Belarusians will be obliged to pay the $100 fee for going to Lithuania in a personal automobile every weekend. The State Customs Committee's Head says there's no such fee so far.

Alyaksandr Shpileuski: "…However, there is the Decree #753 that restricts the duty-free exportation of fuel if you travel by car more often than once in a week."

Shpileuski says nothing about the future fee for traveling abroad, like, there's nothing to discuss until it's there. Euroradio has asked what the official thinks of this fee:

Alyaksandr Shpileuski: This is an economic issue. Any state in the world is justified to take measures to protect its economic interests, and these measures are also prescribed by the world practice.

Euroradio: What if it's cheaper there?

Alyaksandr Shpileuski: I don't know whether it's cheaper or more expensive there.

Photo - it-is-money.ru