HandmadE and boxer Hurkou record Eurovision song


The band HandmadE published its first album in 2012 and has started working on a new disc. The first track is called Bieh pa Kanatah. It was supposed to be recorded in Minsk. However, the material was sent to GFI Studios (Ontario, New York).

Belarusian Vadzim Shyfryn works overseas. He organised the work in America and took the responsibilities of a sound producer.

Bred Blackwood, a double Grammy laureate, did the mastering of Bieh pa Kanatah. Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, KoRn and many others were his clients.

One of the recitatives was performed by famous Belarusian Thai boxer Vital Hurkou.

“We created a bridge between Belarus and the USA this way,” Andrei Kazlouski, manager of HandmadE said. “I think that the song is pretty original. Bieh pa Kanatah reflects Belarusian culture in a western setting. We thought to make it an English song at first but decided not to lose identity. The text was written by poet Hleb Ladadzenka. We are planning to take part in the Eurovision selection tour with Bieh pa Kanatah. If the jury and listeners understand us, then we will be ready to succeed as we already have a plan how to do it.”

The music was written by HandmadE soloist Yauhen Valoshyn and the arrangement was made by guitarist Andrei Markuts.