Haidukevich did not get payment in Ministry of Foreign Affaires


The deputy is going to Japan despite of the fact that the traveling expenses will be paid by the Parliament.
The former special representative of the Minister of Foreign Affaires Syarhey Haidukevich claimed that he was going to Japan in spite of the recent events. The politician does not know the exact date of his departure:

“The date has not been appointed but I still have an invitation, nothing has changed”.

According to Haidukevich, “issues needed to establish more contacts between the two states” will de discussed during his visit.

Let us remind you that Japan invited Haidukevich as a representative of the Minister of Foreign Affaires. In whose capacity will he go to Japan now?

Haidukevich: “We will see, probably I will go there as a deputy. I am not likely to be presenting the Ministry of Foreign Affaires. But it may be possible if the Ministry decided to participate in it”.

ERB asked who will pay the traveling expenses and Haidukevich said it would certainly be the House of Representatives: he will get the money as a deputy.

By the way, the politician did not get any payment in the Ministry even when he was a special representative in Europe:

“I got my payment in the House of Representatives”.

Let us also note that Haidukevich will continue using his diplomatic passport because he has the right to do it as a deputy.