Gynaecologist: I have never heard of deaths during the procedure before

Iryna Tromza, 21, died in emergency hospital after her visit to LODE Brest affiliate on May 20. An investigation was started.

There is no need for using anaesthetics while testing the uterine tubes patency, an experienced gynaecologist said (the doctor asked not to reveal her name).

Gynaecologist: "The situation could be caused by an anaesthetic or contrast medium. The allergic reaction can be caused by both. Anaesthetics are the most common reason for allergy.”  

State hospitals do not use anaesthetics for such a procedure. However, it can be done in private medical centres because the procedure is rather unpleasant. The allergy could also be caused by the contrast medium, the specialist said. However, she has never heard about such cases before.

The contrast medium can be tracked in human body. The method is used for testing the uterine tubes patency. It is a routine procedure used for diagnosing female sterility.  

Photo: Fotolia, Iryna Tromza’s photo from social networks