Governmental “Belaya Rus” “occupies” House of Literati


A republic association “Belaya Rus” has its legal address in the House of Literati. It became clear when the head of BNF Lyavon Barshcheuski received a reply to his and Vinstuk Vyachorka’s letter sent to the Minster of Education and the leader of “Belaya Rus” Alyaksandr Radzkou.
Barshcheuskі and Vyachorka asked questions about politics, economy and even education. In particular, they mentioned the pressure exercised on opposition youth by higher educational institutions, the fact that Yuakub Kolas Humanitarian Lyceum was closed and absence of higher education in Belarusian.

The reply was given 1.5 months later and it was not given by Radzkou. His deputy in “Belaya Rus” Piharau replied.

The most important thing about that formal reply was the legal address of the organization (the public had not been told it before) that, according to some experts, can easily become a presidential party – RCA “Belaya Rus”, Frunze Street 5-205, Minsk, reports “Nasha Niva”.