Fuel saving affects snow cleaners

Drivers of snow-cleaning machines are forced to save fuel. Thus, they remain idle, not cleaning up the snow but burning the fuel daily allowance.

The tractors, designed to remove snow from roads, are riding at a high speed with the snow-removing blades up. Drivers explain that they have been forced to save fuel, but they get paid their salaries based on the milage.

The machines are supposed to drive at a lower gear with their cleaning blades down, but this increases fuel consumption.

The road service officials said they had not issued any special order to save fuel. They blamed the heavy snowfalls and the lack of equipment for the blocked roads.

This situation is observed at a majority of the local roads in the Maladzecna, Valozyn, Vilejka and Miadzel districts. In rural areas, snow-cleaners would not appear at all at the roads with the insignificant traffic.