Former head of “Nika-Trans” enterprise Yury Lyavonau is released


The former director of “Nika-Trans” enterprise Yury Lyavonau was released on January 25. The coordinator of the steering committee on creation of the Belarusian Committee on Protection of rights of prisoners “Over the bars” Tsimafei Dranchuk has informed about it.
According to him, Lyavonau’s term of imprisonment was changed to domiciliary penalty labour. Let us remind you that the director of “Nika-Trans” belonging to a Vaukavysk entrepreneur Mikalai Autuhovich was sentenced to three yeas and five months of imprisonment in a high-security colony without confiscation of his property on July 6, 2006.

He was also forbidden to do any business for five years. Lyavonau and Autuhovich were imprisoned at the same time. Autuhovich was released on January 18.

His sentence was also changed to domiciliary penalty labour. Autuhovich was returned guilty of tax evasion and transporting passengers and luggage without having registered a commercial company.

Belarusian public considered Autuhovich and Lyavonau political prisoners.