Foresters kill deer and wild boar in “Belavezhskaya Pushcha”


Two foresters from the national park “Belavezhskaya Pushcha” are suspected of illegal killing of a red doe and a wild boar.
The Department of Internal Affaires of Brest Region Executive Committee informed that Kamyanetsk police started a criminal case against two foresters for illegal hunting on May 11.

The investigation showed that a 31-year-old man and his 30-year-old wife killed a red doe and a wild boar in the Karalyeva-Mastouskaye forest area of “Belavezhskaya Pushcha” which is not far from the village of Lyatskiya on the night of May 6.

Rifles, cartridges and skins of a doe and a boar were found during the search. The damage done as a result of the illegal hunting is about 14.5 million BRB. The investigation is in process.