Rare Belarusian-language film in cinemas soon

The film's poster

The People’s Avengers after the same-name Vasil Bykau's piece will be screened in Belarusian cinemas soon. The film is in the Belarusian language - quite a rare phenomenon on the local cinematography scene.

Aliaksandr Melikhavets is the film director and cameraman. He started filming it in 2010 but had to suspend the project due to the lack of financing and administrative issues.  

The filmmaker resumed shooting the film in 2016 after the money had been successfuly raised via the Belarusian crowdfunding platform Talaka. The film was finished this year and will be premiered soon. 

Key cast: Dzmitry Davidovich, Artsyom Kuren and Illya Yasinski. Supporting actors: Kanstanstin Voranau, Palina Dabravolskaya and Alyaksandr Vafik.  


Actors of The People’s Avengers