Femen activists unaware what punishment they face


Nevertheless, a criminal case under
Article 103 of the German Criminal Code has been brought against five feminists
who stripped down in front of Putin and Merkel on April 9, one of the
participants of the action Alexandra Shevchenko confesses to Euroradio.

far, we do not know what we are facing, frankly. I
hope that today we will get explanations of the situation - we have activists
with a law degree in Germany, and they should help us."

Monday, Femen activists held an action at the industrial fair in Hannover, in
presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir
Putin. The girls had
written " **** off, Putin."

case was started under Article 103 in German Penal Code ("Insult of state
authorities and representatives of foreign states") against five female
activists aged 18-33: two Germany nationals, two from Ukraine and one Russian
citizen. They have already been interrogated by criminal investigators.

There's hope that the case may be terminated if the affected party wants so.
Neither Putin nor Merkel has expressed their wishes so far.
to Alexandra Shevchenko, they are free and have an opportunity to leave Germany
without waiting for the verdict. However, they are not going to do that,
hoping for the "German democracy" and "fair trial."


Фота — femen.org