Female drummer Vicky Fates moves to AKUTE


The Mahilou band AKUTE is changing their drummer once again. Mikhail Rubin from Viciebsk is replaced by the drumming diva Vicky Fates from Minsk who also plays in Avias and CORNUCOPIA. She also performs as a session musicians with :B:N:

“I listened to their music and sort of tried to figure out my place there," says Vika. "Their style is new to me, but I have wanted for long to move away from the traditional rock musicтыль для мяне новы, але мне даўно хацелася адыйсці ад звыклай рок-музыкі. I tried to play some at home and it went so well that I decided to agree. We will rehearse 50:50 in Minsk and Mahilou. This band's format does not require daily rehearsals. One big rehearse a week will be enough.”

Vicky Fates is known in Belarus as the endorser of world famous brands Paiste (only Aliaksandr Starazhuk from Truvbetskoy band and Aliaksandr Sapeha from Apple Tea have the same status in Belarus) and Pearl Drums. It means she can use the instruments of those brands with huge discounts or even for free.

Former AKUTE drummer Mikhail Rubin from Viciebsk played with the band for about six months. He was very offended that he got "fired", writing about it in social media accounts. Rubin claimed he was paid peanuts, yet the band was paid huge honoraria. He also write he was tired of looking at the drunken band mates and hearing the chants like Long Live Belarus! and Glory to Ukraine.

AKUTE front-man Stanislau Mytnik explained to Euroradio they were not happy with the professional level of the drummer. He stressed they learned about huge honoraria for the first time from Mikhail:

“Misha has broken free from AKUTE captivity, where he was held forcefully. He wrote everything correctly. We are morons, because we do not want to share all those millions, because we have no free time to teach the man the way we like play. Besides, we love Belarus and everything which jas a connection with this country.”

AKUTE was founded in Mahilou in 2008 by Stats Mytnik and Roman Zyharau. The musicians have released three full-format albums. The latest titled "Reality and Dreams" was recognized as the best album of 2014 in Belarus.