Experts: Damashkevich dismissed to subject Minsk District to Minsk City Executive committee


The main reason for the dismissal of the head of Minsk Region Mikalai Damashkevich was the fact that he did not want to give Minsk suburbs to the Mayor of the capital Mihail Paulau. The issue was solved easily: Damashkevich was dismissed, reports “Belorusskiy Partizan” referring to independent experts.
Minsk authorities have been trying to get Minsk suburbs for s long time. The situation came to its end after the prices for land significantly increased.

At a press-conference the head architect of Minsk Victar Nikitsin stressed that the fact that Minsk suburbs were added to Minsk would make the system of city control easier”. At the same time Mr. Nikitin noted that it concerned only the administrative division of the capital.