Expert: Europe has a vague understanding about Belarus industry

Christian F. Trippe, the head of the Deutsche Welle editorial office in Brussels, who accompanied Benita Ferrero-Waldner during her visit to Belarus, reckons that Europe is not set to privatize Belarusian enterprises.
In his view, the rumors about the knowledge of European businessmen about the Belarusian industry are greatly exaggerated by the Russian press. Trippe said: 

“Belarus is the country which Europe has just begun to discover as a partner. Europe began to assess Belarus from its point of view just recently. That's why, people from the Western Europ know little about Belarus.

They don't know that Belarus is an industrialized nation. They don't there is a developed industry there. for instance, engines and trucks. Perhaps, some Germans or Czechs still remember the tractor factory, but that's about it. Possibly Horizont with its TV sets.

Therefore, if you ask politicians in Brussels, even MEPs, about Belarus: "What can be interesting to European countries in Belarus?", they will answer: "I don't know. It is totally possible, there is nothing benfitial there".

But, the European Commission had an interest to Belarus, and Mrs Ferrero-Waldner knows that we can find partners here".