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EPAM director Ihar Ausyanik released

Ihar Ausyanik  /​

Production director of EPAM Ihar Ausyanik has been released after administrative arrest, writes

It was reported about the arrest of Ihar Ausyanik on Sunday, November 22. He was first taken to the Pershamaiski district department of internal affairs, and then transported to Akrestsin Street.

On November 24, Ihar Ausyanik was sentenced to 15 days in jail for participation in an unauthorized action.

He was had served his arrest in a temporary detention facility in Baranavichy before being released on December 7.

Ihar Ausyanik has been with EPAM for over 20 years. For some time he headed the Belarusian office of the company, then he managed the personnel in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. Recently, Ihar Ausyanik has been overseeing projects in India, Mexico, China, and Vietnam.