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Election committee member: Karatkevich gets 581 votes, 80 reported officially


More and more reports about violations during the vote count are being sent to Euroradio. A member of one of Vitsebsk election committees has shared her impressions this time. We will not give her name and the number of her polling stations so that her life would not be spoilt (but we do have this information).


The woman has no opposition reputation. On the contrary, she was invited to the election committee as a responsible representative of her enterprise.

However, the vote count stunned her.

“There were representatives of our enterprise and school teachers in our committee. Everyone started counting the votes after the end of the election. All the committee members could hear how many votes every candidate had received. The numbers were indicated on the piles of ballot papers,” the woman described the situation and showed us the photos of the ballot papers.

Karatkevich’s pile is on the left (the early vote+ the Election Day ballot papers). Lukashenka’s pile is on the right.

“The final report was being signed and everyone was asked to put their signatures there,” the woman continues. “Most people did not even read it. I turned the document over and saw that Karatkevich has got 80 votes instead of 581! Can you imagine it? When I tried to object to it, they told me that I would have numerous problems and would be fired from work if I made the information public,” the source finished her story.

The left pile is for Lukashenka. The right one is for Karatkevich. It certainly does not look like the incumbent President has got 10 times more votes than the democratic candidate.