Ecomedservice doctors deprived of bonus money after Kubarava’s operation

The Hrodna inhabitant did a nose job at the medical centre on March 26, 2013. She was taken to Minsk hospital #4 in coma a few hours later. The girl died there without coming to her senses on April 23.

Anaesthetist Alyaksandr Shurau, nurse Iryna Nyamuhina and Ecomedservice chief engineer Vadzim Lihuta were deprived of bonus money after Yuliya Kubarava’s unsuccessful operation. They were also reprimanded, BelaPAN reports.

An “internal” reference concerning the medical assistance rendered to Yuliya Kubarava is among the case papers. According to it, the choice of the aesthetic technique was right. A toxic brain edema was among the possible complications. The internal investigation revealed a technical failure of the respiratory apparatus that had not been checked since 2010. Shurau did not pay attention to the complications caused by the operation and stopped observation of the patient too early. He was called to account for it.

According to Shurau’s testimonial given by the medical centre, he is a qualified specialist and there had never been any complaints before.

Forensic pathologists’ conclusions were read out. They simply explained Yuliya Kubarava’s death by complications during the surgery.