Drugged parents walk with an infant on trafficway


The young people in an almost unconscious condition walked right along the trafficway. The man had a sweater tied across his chest, with an infant in it. The baby cried bitterly. An automobile nearly knocked them all down.

According to the press-office of Minsk police, officers of the drugs and human trafficking control noticed the people who behaved weirdly and took them off the road. They called an ambulance and their colleagues from the juvenile police department, who took the child from its parents.

It turned out that the married couple (both 26) were unemployed and convicted for use, storage and distribution of drugs several times. The young mother got pregnant after release from prison but didn't give up drugs.

At present moment, the 4-months-old baby stays in the infectious diseases hospital, receives medical care. The regulation on considering the child needing state protection has already been issued. If the parents fail to undergo a corresponding treatment and to find a steady job, they will be deprived of parental rights.