Deputy Dubovik: I accompanied believers home from Penza


The Russian authorities have already deported six Belarusians including three minors who have been waiting for “the end of the world” in a small house in Penza Region. The decision was taken by a local court. A deputy of the House of Representatives Mikalai Dubovik accompanied the believers. 
Dubovik, an official representative of the Belarusian authorities in the case of returning our citizens from Penza Region, informed ERB that it took them 21 hours to reach Minsk:

“We arrived calmly. We reached Orsha in a “Gazel” and took a train. I’d like to mention that neither I nor other people who have been working with them have managed to change their opinion. To tell you the truth, they did not try that hard… Their belief is very strong”.

The believers were sent to Brest from Minsk because they were inhabitants of Zhabinka Distrcit. Mikalai Dubovik is sure that the deported Belarusians will settle down at home and will not go abroad anymore:

“I think they will return to their villages where other good and calm Belarusian live. I am sure they will get moral assistance. They will be given some products too, because they do not buy anything in shops. They will continue their usual way of life. Nobody forbids them to believe”.

According to Dubovik, there are probably from 28 to 36 people in the underground cave in Penza Region now. 9 Belarusians may be among them: 7 adults and two children.

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