Demonstrators and twice as many policemen at Kastrychnitskaya Square


An action in support of independence of Belarus has taken place at Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk today. About 50 demonstrators and twice as many policemen gathered there. 
Let us remind you that BNF urged people to express their protest against the signing of the Constitutional Act on creation of a union state and the European choice of Belarus on the eve of the visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Belarus.

However, BNF activists did not have time to get ready for the picket so they did not expect many people to come to the square.

Vintsuk Vuachorka and Ales Mihalevich were among the famous politicians who came there. People were shouting “Live Belarus” and waving white-red-white flags. Special police troops rudely forced them out towards Internatsyyanalnaya Street.