Cyclone Danielle in Belarus

It looks like Minskers did not succeed in removing snow yesterday.
Some drivers have left their cars under snow after the cyclone Daniella.
The Minsk National Airport switches back to normal operation after some flights were cancelled due to Cyclone Daniella.
757 inhabited localities and 135 agricultural objects were left without power by the recent cyclone.
Cyclone Daniella left 790 settlements across Belarus without electricity.
Public buses are delayed in Minsk after Cyclone Daniella hits the Belarusian capital city.
Two workers could be seen repairing the roof of a house in Minsk's Karl Marx Street despite the heavy snowstorm.
Euroradio compares how communal services work next to the city bosses' headquarters and other areas in Belarus' capital.
Minsk's streets and avenues are covered with snow as snow cleaners cannot overcome the weather.