Crisis reveals “unawareness syndrome” in Belarusians


While Americans are repairing their shoes, Belarusians are buying new pairs. Mass media inform that US sewing workshops have started making 1.5 times more money because of the crisis. Americans have stopped buying footwear. The crisis has made them understand that it is better to spend $40 on repairs than $500 on a new pair.

Belarusians have reacted to the crisis in another way. They used to repair footwear a lot. However, they have practically stopped visiting sewing workshops. An employee of “Yalina” workshop has complained to ERB that they had a lot of clients before the crisis and that they have no clients at all at the moment.

“Yalina” sewing workshop: “The demand for repairs of footwear has decreased significantly. We used to have long queues and now there is nobody here.”

Could the queues disappear because Belarusians have stopped buying new footwear and the old footwear can no longer be repaired? We asked sales assistants of “Megatop” footwear shop situated in “Capital” trade centre about it. The reply was:

"We have sold the same number of pairs as last year. Our plan is fulfilled”.

Probably, Belarusians prefer saving on something else to be able to buy footwear. For example, they may do hair-cuts less often. However, the hairdresser’s “First Lady” replied that they had the usual number of clients.

“First Lady” hairdresser’s: “The crisis has not affected the number of our clients. It may be explained by the fact that we have not raised our prices”.

Have Belarusians stopped visiting the dentist? ERB asked the question at the dentist’s surgery “Romdent”.

“Romdent”: "The number of clients has not decreased. Toothache comes regardless of the crisis. So they keep visiting us."

Our compatriots chose the best and most expensive goods even in second-hand shops, informs “Haland” shop.

"Nothing has changed in our shop. Everything gets sold out. We have not felt any effect of the crisis yet. People have even started buying more expensive goods. Naturally, we have a price limit and even the best goods cannot cost too much. Nevertheless, our clients prefer high-quality expensive goods”.

We asked a psychologist Volha Valochka why the crises had affected our compatriots in such a way. She said that the behaviour could be explained by “the unawareness syndrome”.

Volha Valochka: "This is the unawareness syndrome, similar to that of alcoholics. The unawareness syndrome means that a person refuses to understand what is going on and feels safe. This is usually a symptom of dipsomania. They should quit drinking but they say: “I don’t drink that much and I can stop at any moment”. This is the same. They lack money and the situation will become worse but people do not believe in the things going on.”

Interestingly, what will run out first – Belarusians’ money or the unawareness syndrome?

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