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Culture figures express protest against authorities in video appeal

Creative people told the authorities about the lawlessness / Euroradio

Representatives of creative professions: actors, musicians, directors, writers, journalists have recorded a video address demanding the release of Belarusian political prisoners. Among those who were not afraid to appeal to the authorities are Svyaatlana Aniakei, Pavel Yaskevich, Anastasia Shpakouskaya, Viktar Boyka, Volha Skvartsova, Zmitser Malashchytski, Hanna Harlanchuk-Yuzhakova, Leanid Paulionak, musicians of the Intelligency and Weesp bands.

Here it is:

"I am a Belarusian and live in Belarus. In my country, there is an even greater unrest than in the last 26 years. I'm fed up with it. I demand fair elections," begins actor Zmitser Malashchytski.

"There is trouble in our country, our candidates are in jail," says actress and singer Anastasia Shpakouskaya.

"I'm 36 years old, but I've still not seen fair elections," picks up the actor, casting director and director Viktar Boyka.

"We are driven nuts when we see outright lawlessness," the musicians of Intelligency note.

"There's lawlessness in our country. Law enforcement agencies, which are obliged to protect my rights and civil position, somehow take responsibility to use violence only for the fact that I walk along the avenue or attend pickets," choreographer Volha Skvartsova adds.

"I urge the authorities to stop chasing people like animals," says actress Svyatlana Anikey.

And more, and more, and more. The video lasts more than 12 minutes. The most frequent words are horror, lawlessness, rights, fair elections. There are also calls to free the political prisoners.