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COVID19 tests for all players on Lukashenka's ice hockey team

President Lukashenka's ice hockey team /

All players on President Lukashenka's ice hockey team have undergone COVID19 tests, reports popular sports online magazine Pressball. The measure was taken after it became known that the team's forward Dzmitry Meleshko had tested positive.

Some players have reportedly tested negative but are advised to stay in self-isolation.

The last time the team played was on 11 April. Meleshko tested positive for COVID19 one week later, according to reports.

President Lukashenka's spokeswoman Natalia Eismont said in her comments that the Belarusian leader had not undergone a test as there was no need for it. She also stressed that Lukashenka was not planning to remain in self-isolation.

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