Council of Ministers: BELTA misunderstood Prakapovich


Today the BELTA site published the news that the decision to increase the income tax will probably be made. All the money will be used to support children. This is what Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Piotr Prakapovich announced.

"All the money will be directed to the family, to support children," he was quoted by BELTA. 

The final decision on this issue, as well as on the possible increase of the value-added tax, will be taken by the Council of Ministers. 

It should be recalled that yesterday BELTA communicated Prakapovich's words as follows: Income tax in Belarus will probably not increase. Today a clarification was made. 

In her comment for the Euroradio, Volga Dougaya, press secretary of the Council of Ministers, put the blame for the misunderstanding on the state news agency: 

Dougaya:  Maybe, the reporter misunderstood the message. He or she might have not heard it correctly...You should trust things that happened today, today's news. Unfortunately, things like that do happen in journalistic work. 

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