Committee for unification of Belarus and Ukraine with Russia created in Moscow

У Маскве стварылі грамадскі камітэт па аб’яднанні Беларусі і Украіны з Расіяй

Representatives of the Russian marginal forces have created an organization in order to unite Belarus and Ukraine with Russia. The committee ‘January 25’ gathered on Monday. National Bolshevik writer Eduard Limonov, editor of the website Sputnik and Pogrom Yegor Prosvirin, founder of the unregistered National Bolshevist Democratic Party Konstantin Krylov, futurist Maksim Kalashnikov and blogger El Murid (Anatoliy Nesmiyan) took part in the meeting. Well-known participant of the separatist movement in Ukraine Igor Strelkov was the chairman.

The meeting participantsagreed that Russia was heading for a system collapse and that the Russian government was doing everything to collapse, Maksim Kalashnikov wrote on Livejournal.

The situation resembles the pre-Maidan situation in Ukraine. There is no clever Third Force that could oppose to bankrupt guardians and pro-West politicians in Russia,” Maksim Kalashnikov thinks.

“January 25” set its goals: to avoid the collapse of Russia and to unite the Russian people in one state. The organization considers ‘Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians’ to be Russian.


“The government is busy with self-destruction. We are not going to be its assistants and soil ourselves. The government is turning into a walking corpse killed by the economic idiocy of the last 15 years,” Kalashnikov wrote.