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China ready to invest $1bn into Belarus' meat-processing and dairy industry

Photo: Fotolia

Chinese businesses are ready to invest $1 billion into the Belarusian meat and milk processing industry. Potential investors visited the Ministry of Agriculture on June 7 to discuss investors’ working conditions and the products, Belarus 1 state TV channel reports. An agreement on direct investments into the Belarusian agriculture was signed with a Chinese corporation last month. The modernization of Belarusian production and creation of new modern enterprises to produce high-quality food for realization in Belarus, China and other countries is being considered now. The founder of the company Drex Food Group is planning to create a big enterprise in Belarus.


Belarus’ export to China grew 1.5 times in the first quarter of 2017, with more than $4 million in revenues. The export to China is expected to increase by $15 million this year.