Roman Catholic church awaits official explanation over priest's arrest


A spy connected with the Roman Catholic Church was detained in Belarus, President Lukashenka claimed in a public statement on July 26. Information about the detention of priest Uladzislau Lazar appeared on the next day.

Mr. Lazar is a Belarusian citizen; he graduated from Hrodna seminary and continued his studies in Poland.

"We are aware of his arrest but we do not know why he was detained. We are expecting an official explanation," Radio Liberty quotes Yury Sanko. The Embassy of Vatican is currently dealing with the issue.  The acting spokesman of the Confederation of Catholic Priests in Belarus has refused to comment on Uladzislau Lazar’s arrest due to the lack of official information.

KGB has neither confirmed nor refuted the information about father Lazar’s arrest, Interfax-West reports.