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Camera installed in Andrei Bandarenka’s cell


A camera has been turned on in Andrei Bandaranka’s cell, human rights defender Mihail Pastuhou told BelaPAN referring to the prisoner’s father.


The prison conditions have been made worse for Bandarenka, Pastuhou said. He was reprimanded for lying on the plank bed in the daytime on May 10.

Bandarenka is in a one-man cell now. He goes for a walk in handcuffs and he is followed by military working dogs, the human rights defender said.

Human rights defenders have sent an inquiry about Bandarenka’s prison conditions to the Prosecutor General's Office. They are going to report the situation to international structures.

Bandarenka works in his cell in the daytime – he makes envelopes, Pastuhou said. It may affect the prisoner’s health badly because the cell is unlikely to be aired, the human rights defender thinks.

Andrei Bandarenka used to be the defender and head of the human rights organization Platform that defended prisoners’ rights. He was returned guilty of hooliganism in August 20154 and imprisoned in a top-security colony for 4 years. The term was reduced to three years after an amnesty.