"Budzma" campaign makes a 5-minutes video of whole history of Belarus


The civil campaign "Let's Be Belarusians!" issued the first professional cartoon on history of Belarus.

The 5-minutes animation is designed in modern graphics and depicts the history of Belarus since the very beginning till the year 1991. Advertiser Julia Liashkevich, animation artist Julia Rudzitskaya, musicians Liavon Volski and Aliaksandr Pamidorau, together with "Budzma" campaign, implemented the past of Belarus in a light amusing form.  

Alena Makouskaya and Sieviaryn Kviatkouski


Aliaksandr Pamidorau, Julia Liashkevich, Liavon Volski


Julia Liashkevich and Julia Rudzitskaya


Nina Shydlouskaya


Authors and creators of the cartoon "Let's Be Belarusians!" dedicate it to the victims and casualties of the Minsk metro blast on April 11.