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BSU ahead of Polish, Lithuanian universities in world ranking


Two universities from Belarus made it into the world's university ranking released by the UK-based consulting company. Агулам у рэйтынг увайшлі 959 ВНУ.

Among a total of 959 universities, Belarus State University is ranked No 334. The Belarusian National Technical University shares positions from No 751 to 800, reports

The ranking also lists 24 universities from Russia. The Moscow State University lies in 95th place, while the St Petersburg State University is No 240.

The Polish and Lithuanian universities are below BSU, but their number on the list is bigger. The Vilnius University shares positions from 401 to 410, while Gedyminas Technological University from 551 to 600, Kaunas Technological University from 701 to 800, and Great Vitaut University from 801 to 1000.

Poland is represented by nine universities, including Warsaw (411- 420) and Jagielonski (461—470). Ukraine is represented by six universities, with Kharkiv National University and Kyiv University performing the best in the ranking.

Top 3 includes Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and Harward. Cambridge and Oxford are No 5 and 6, correspondingly.