Bogdan Klich: Poland will continue to support students from Belarus


Bogdan Klich, a Poland's member of the European Parliament and a member of the Civic Platform party, tells the European Radio for Belarus that no significant shift in relations between Poland and Belarus should be expected. Will the Poland-Belarus relations change after Civic Platform's victory in the general elections? This question is at the center of a debate within the political circles in Belarus?

The European Radio for Belarus asked Bogdan Klich to comment on this issue.

— Will the Polish government's policy towards Belarus be changed?

— I don't think that relations between Warsaw and Minsk will change significantly, because the priority of the Polish foreign policy is to have democratic nations as our neighbors. I am convinced that Poland will continue to support the democratic environments. At the same time, we are prepared for a dialogue with Lukashenka, if he meets Europe's demands.

— Wіll Civic Platform continue the previous government programs to support democracy in Belarus, e.g. scholarship programs for repressed Belarusian students?

— I am confident that the programs aimed to support the civil society in Belarus will be continued in the future. In concrete terms, it will depend on who is going to be appointed as Poland's foreign minister.

— The first independent Belarusian television channel Belsat is lanched on the basis of the Polish television, controlled by Yaroslaw Kaczynski's Law and Justice party. Should we expect any changes in this regard?

— I would wait to answer this questions until a new cabinet is formed and new officials are appointed for their posts.

— What about the Belarusian minority in Poland?

— The Belarusian minority is a part of the Polish society. Obviously, every government, the right or the left, must ensure that the rights of minorities are guaranteed on the basis of the Constitution.