BMW taken away from Stop Tax participant


Pryharau rode along Independence Avenue with the leaflet “Stop Fleecing!” in his window on December 20, reports. He was listening to Lyapis Trubetskoy’s Not To Be Cattle! at that moment.

According to the driver, he was heading for Independence Square from Victory Square. Driving inspectors stopped him near the Palace of the Republic and sent him to the nearest parking. He was fined for Br65 thousand for signaling. Then they told Dzmitry that his car would be delivered to the parking of the Central District Department of the Interior due to issues with the car body number plates. They took away his car, confiscated the car key and then said that the expertise would take one month. “If you had stayed at home, there would be no problems now,” one of the policemen told him.

The young man sent a complaint about the actions of the policemen to the head of Minsk Central District Department of the Interior the other day.

Drivers are protesting against the state car tax that will be introduced in Belarus in 2014.