Biggest shipment of marijuana in decade seized in Mahiliou (video)


Law enforcers seized  11.85 kg of dried marijuana from a 35-year resident of Mahiliou. This is the biggest shipment seized in the last decade, said head of the Drugs and Trafficking in Persons Uladzislau Kavaliou.

Law enforcement officers learned about the involvement of residents of the regional town in the storage and distribution of marijuana already in late November. During the police operation, the information was confirmed. On 3 December, search was conducted in the house of the suspect and 11.85 kilograms of dried marijuana were uncovered, reported the press service of the Mahiliou region police.

A criminal case was opened under article 'drug trafficking'. The law enforcers are trying to find out where the marijuana was grown and are checking whether the suspect was involved in the sale of drugs.

As the official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Mahiliou region Aksana Salenyuk said, after the urgent investigative actions are held, this criminal case could be reclassified.

Photo - Fotolia