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Biathlon: IOC clears Bjorndalen to coach Belarus team at 2018 Olympics

Darya Domracheva and Ole Einar Bjorndalen. Photo: Facebook​

The International Olympic Committee has satisfied a request from the Belarus Biathlon Federation and issued accreditation to Norwegian biathlon legend Ole Einar Bjorndalen to be as a Team Belarus coach.

The press office of Belarus Biathlon Federation says it will cover Bjorndalen's all travel expenses.

It is yet to be known whether Bjorndalen will wear Belarus Olympic colours. However, he will definitely wear a uniform in line with the International Olympic Committee standards, the Federation's press office stressed.

The Norwegian star was ommitted for the first timer from Team Norway due to unsatisfactory performance during World Cup events. That's when the Belarus Biathlon Federation invoted Bjorndalen to attend the Olympic Games as part of the Belarus delegation. Ole Einar is expected to help his wife and Belarusian women's biathlon star Darya Domracheva to prepare better for the key tournament.